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    Hardwood Installation

    Hardwood Installation

    Hardwood flooring is gaining popularity throughout the country. Rightfully so as it brings a timeless beauty and lasting durability unmatched by other flooring surfaces. Installing hardwood in your home instantly transforms any space into something special, something you will be proud of for years. There are many decisions to be made when installing new hardwood. Willie James Quality Flooring is NWFA (National Wood Floor Association) certified in wood floor sales. That means we are experts in helping our customers pick the right floor for their home or business.

    While it’s always important to hire qualified professionals for any home improvement projects, your flooring has an even greater need for experienced installers. Improperly installed floors will fail over time, costing you thousands of dollars and potentially hundreds of hours to have them repaired or replaced. Pick a team with experience in Baton Rouge. Pick Willie James Quality Flooring!

    Installation Expectations

    • Follow established NWFA installation practices
    • Complete cleanup after each workday
    • Tight installation with proper borders
    • Best wood mill products available in Louisiana

    What to Expect From Willie James Quality Flooring

    • Prompt service…we’ll be there when we say we will
    • A focus on reducing dust
    • Answer any questions you may have
    • Clean and courteous cratsmen
    • Guaranteed satisfaction!

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