Extend the Life and Look

of your Floors

While real hardwood floors will last many decades, maintenance coats are recommended every 3-5 years to help them look their best. Professional hardwood floor cleaning uses mechanical scrubbing machines, powerful vacuums, and high pH cleaners to get your floor completely clean! Once that is complete, the team from Willie James Quality Flooring will buff out the small scratches and prepare for a new top-coat of high-quality finish. Your floor will look practically brand new at a fraction of the cost of refinishing. We also do a deep cleaning system on hardwood floors. Our machine pulls out dirt, sand and contaminates from the grains of the wood.

hardwood floor being scrubbed
hardwood flooring and buffing machine

Do I need A

maintenance coat?

Hardwood floors receive a daily workout and will inevitably become dull and scratched over time. It’s just a matter of time before your once beautiful floor looks worn. While we do everything we can to give you the toughest surface possible, a maintenance coat at regular intervals will extend your floor’s life for decades.


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