Restoring your Floor to its


The beauty of worn or damaged hardwood floors can be reimagined with proper refinishing. Your floor will be transformed to look exactly, if not better, than the day it was initially installed. Refinishing floors involves sanding the floors to remove the current finish and irregularities to give the technicians a clean-slate with which to work. Once the floor is down to the bare wood, the transformation really begins to take place. Customers have a choice of stains, finishes, sheens and more to get the floors they’ve always wanted. You’ll be amazed what our team of experienced craftsmen can do!

What to Expect

The major advantage to using real hardwood flooring is the ability to bring it back to life with a simple refinish. Even after years of abuse, your floors will look brand new in just a few days.

Glowing wood floor with light reflection
shining wood flooring


Our process